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Kidnapped by Surtu

I have to go back to Earth.

We have a new home. It's a secret refuge where we are safe.

But I can't stop thinking about the friends and family we left behind on Earth. I want to join the resistance.

Living with Jidden was supposed to be a paradise, but something has gone terribly wrong. Jidden won't let me return to Earth. He's trying to control me.

I'm going to Earth without him, and I'm going to rescue my family.

What will happen to us if I meet another Surtu on Earth? If someone touches me, will Jidden know through our light bond?

I have to go back to Surt.

This jungle is a death sentence. I'm a trained warrior, and my combat skills are useless here.

I'm a born leader, and I betrayed my own fleet. How can I tarnish my soul further by joining the Earth resistance?

I ordered Terra to stay, but she's not here anymore. I gave up everything for her, and now I have nothing.

One woman remains at the refuge for me. She would have been a perfect Surtu. She's made it clear that her bed is open. If she touches me, will Terra know through our light bond?

  • Series: Warriors of Surtu #2
  • Availability: Amazon Kindle Unlimited
  • Publication Date: November 13, 2015